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Playing With Fire

Transformative Collage
Art Process

With Michelle Bancroft, MA, CHT

Ready To Take A Journey?

Engage your Soul and nourish the Artist in you...

We all have an Artist within and that Artist is also one of our greatest healers, mentors and guides.


Everyone is drawn to certain images and colors. Those images and colors change over time and with life events. Do you ever wonder why?                   

1000 Oceans 3-1-18_edited.jpg

Image and symbol are the language of the Soul.

At any stage of life, it is important to take time for self-reflection. Life events can instigate a desire in us that pulls us to self-reflect and draws us into the depth of the Soul:

  • The death of a loved one

  • Physical ailments/challenges

  • Depression/anxiety

  • An end of a relationship

  • Any life transition

  • A nagging feeling of "is this all there is to my life?"


These life events can be a calling and opening to the Soul.

No art experience necessary!

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